A warm welcome to you at Kiebo Inspired Solutions (a web of solutions).Here at Kiebo we pride ourselves in supporting clients with the best possible solutions. Whatever your need feel free to contact us.We give Support to customers by means of services either for free or at a minimal cost. Visit the Services section to get info on what we are offering. Also feel free to go to our Contact page should you need assistance or need to sent a request.You are under no obligation to sign up for any of our services.

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Our commitment

Our services are offered with inspiration, pride and checked for quality and originality and meticulously tailormade to fit customer needs. Our services is very unique in the sense of affordability to cater for every need.The reason for our services was purely establish for the poorer communities from which I can proudly say my roots are from. Go to our contact page and drop us an email and forward your request.


Our Services

To render a support service through passion, dedication and professionalism. We will always try our utmost best to support our clients in the best possible manner at the most economical rate.

  • Free Fax2email
  • Motivational sessions
  • Bussiness Solutions
  • Pain relief gel
  • Sport coaching
  • Website advertising
  • Technology consumables
  • Cellphone airtime
  • Mobile Data

  • Internet Specials

    The lowest Internet Data deals at amazing low prices.Order yours today.If you'll find it lower any where else forward us a written quote and we promise to beat it.

  • 500mb - R69.99
  • 1Gig - R99.99
  • 2Gig - R179.99
  • 3Gig - R219.99
  • 4Gig - R299.99
  • Laptops from R3200.00

  • More specials

    USB Flash drives

  • 4Gig - R60.00
  • 8Gig - R90.00
  • 16Gig - R130.00
  • 32Gig - R299.00

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    SMS the word "mydata" to 33903 for fast response

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Paid services

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  • Mobile Data
  • Pre-paid airtime
  • Tech products
  • Health products

Free Services

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  • Fax2email number
  • Quote sourcing
  • Business advice
  • Fitness programs